Welcome to my shop. My name is Zeecé Lugo, and I write delicious escape literature.

If you like your books with lots of suspense, action, humor, and steamy passion, you’re in the right place. If you’re looking for cozy mysteries and tepid, clean romances, my books may not be for you. Be warned!

Why should you buy my books here when you can get them at most major online stores? Simply because both you and I will benefit.

The largest online retailer boasts that it pays 70% royalties. On one of my novels (priced at $4.99), the royalty is $3.49.  However, in order to sell more than a handful of books, I have to pay for daily promotional ads which take most if not all of those royalties.

As a result, if I put a book on sale, I actually lose money. That’s right! On a $0.99 sale, the only loser is the author. I seldom offer my books on sale at online sellers and never below $1.99.

Here, in my own shop, I can give my readers the same value they get at major sellers plus extras not offered anywhere else.  I hope you’ll like my books and buy them directly from me.

In return, I will strive to give you good value.