Transferring Books into Kindle devices.

This article was updated on 7/28/2022

There are two easy ways of sending book files to any of your Kindle devices. 

Amazon has been changing things all the time, and one must be quick to keep up with the changes. One big change has been the drop of Mobi and AZW support in Kindle. According to the latest Amazon info, the files supported are as follows: HTML (.HTML, .HTM)


Method #1

To send any file to any of your Kindle devices, all you need is the following:

     1. The Kindle address of the device. 

     2. Your sending email address on file in your Amazon Personal Documents Settings.


Let’s Get Started:

      1. Open your email app. Click on write a new email.

      2. In the send-to-block type in your Kindle device email address.  (ie:

      3. Attach your book file. If you bought it as a direct download, it should be in your downloads directory.

       4. Click on send.

You will receive a message from Amazon asking you to verify your file delivery. Approve the delivery and your book will appear on your library within minutes. DONE!


Method #2

Send to Kindle App is also another alternative to use. I have recently had problems with it. It has failed to install. Amazon support has been unable to help. But, it worked fine for years and may work for you.

Let’s Get Started: 

DOWNLOAD THE “SEND TO KINDLE” App.   You can download it for free HERE.

It’s available for PC, MAC, your browser, your email, or your Android device. It takes seconds to install, and you can use it to send any file to all your Kindle devices. I have it installed on my desktop computer, but you can get it for your phone too. 

When you install Send to Kindle, you will not see an App shortcut on your desktop. At first, you may be baffled as to where the app went. Do not worry; it’s there, invisible.  

Now, buy your book (here, at and after the purchase is complete, you will see the file in your invoice page.

Click on the book file, and it will download into your computer. 

Navigate to your Downloads (Download directory?) and locate the book file.

Right Click on the file. The Open Menu will appear. Look over it to locate the “Send to Kindle” option.

Click on “Send to Kindle“, and the App will open. It will show your available Kindle devices. You can send the book to one in particular or all of them. Notice: if you have the Kindle reading App in your ipad or iphone, you can send them the book too!

In a moment, your book will appear  in the DOCS tab. When you SYNC your device, the book will also appear in the New Items  (your Home Tab) and carousel.