Vampires in the Mist- 1st Compilation


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This series is not suitable reading for younger readers or adults who object to strong sexual or taboo topics. It is NOT a YA story.  

Fast-paced vampire urban fantasy packed full of suspense, action, and steamy passion.

Rose is a Miami girl working at Macy’s perfume counter, earning enough to keep her in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to: a cell phone, gas money, Spotify account. She longs for the glitter and the highlife of the rich and famous. One fateful night at a posh beach-house party, she gets what she wants but not in any way she saw it coming!

This book is a compilation of volumes 1-3 of the Vampires in the Mist series. It is a full-length, stand-alone work which includes Once Chosen, Veil of Mist, and A Raven for a Crow.  

These novellas are sold individually at all major online sellers, priced at $2.99 each. If you have read those three novellas, be aware that this book contains the same works. The price of our compilation is $5.99. You get all 3 for the price of 2. 

The compilation Rose and The Vampires  is not available at any other seller yet. It is an exclusive of Zeecé ‘s online store, at a considerable savings!

Rose and The Vampires includes Rose’s induction into the world of vampires, her ill-fated trip to the  Sisterhood’s nunnery, and her adventure in the castle of the mad monk, Savilla.  

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