Hunter’s Snare


A Daniel’s Fork Novel



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This series is not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to strong sexual content and scenes depicting violence.

Hunter’s Snare is part of the Daniel’s Fork series, this author’s first works. 

Its timeline follows Fire Dance, ten years after. Its genre is post-apocalyptic sci fi,. Hunter’s Snare is a romantic suspense set  decades after a pandemic sweeps over Earth. Like the people of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, the survivors developed techno-lacking, agrarian societies similar to our colonial times. 


A vicious killer lurks in the dark woods of Daniel’s Fork. Cunning and daring, driven by a powerful passion, he has killed with impunity for years. But now, a new adversary has come to town, and the hunt is on!

In a world without forensics, technology, or science, with only the help of the village “witch” and his trusted companions, William Evers, the new lord of Daniel’s Fork, matches wits with the serial killer that has plagued the village for years. Can he catch the killer and save the lovely Susanna from a fate worse than death?

Begin a journey to the future past, to a place 200 years in the future that mirrors the past. Hunter’s Snare is a novel like no other, part mystery, part romance, penned like a historical saga, reading like a cozy mystery, but set in the future. Its main focus, however, is the characters. You’ll fall in love with Setiyah, the quiet but fierce healer, with William Evers, the beautiful but cold-hearted leader, and with all the vividly crafted side characters.

Journey to the Future Past. Only Zeecé Lugo can take you there.