Heart of Stone


Book 3 of Angel’s Guardian Series



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This series is not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to strong sexual content and scenes depicting violence.

Heart of Stone, the 3rd book in the trilogy!  A year after the tragic events in Thicker Than Blood,  Maxim and Angel  are beginning to enjoy normalcy, learning to fit as a family into the place destiny has chosen for them. But normalcy is not in fate’s plan for the vampire and his beloved human  mate. 

Gruesome vampire kills suddenly take place in public places, shocking the world with the graphic savagery and senseless bloodletting of the attacks. The message is clear.  Toma is making his final bid for power, willing to destroy everything, including most of humanity, to become king of the remains.  Max must stop him, but at what price? 

All the romance, excitement, and suspense you’ve come to expect from this series and more! Your favorite characters return better than ever as passions run hot, and they are forced to make heart-breaking choices.  Don’t miss the third and final book in this  exciting trilogy.