Future Past Boxed Set (Daniel’s Fork)



Daniel’s Fork Series




This series is not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to strong sexual content and scenes depicting violence.

This set includesFire Dance, Hunter’s Snare, and Rogues and Lovers. For chapter downloads, see each individual book. 

Each of these novels retails separately at  $4.99 each . The set is an excellent value. 

Originally known as the Daniel’s Fork series, this series was re-edited and retitled in 2018. It’s a post-apocalyptic saga set in the future, 80 years after a pandemic has swept over the planet, and the survivors began rebuilding their society. 

Fire Danceis an intense romance. Hunter’s Snare is a romantic mystery/suspense, and Rogues and Lovers is a  mish-mash, bringing together the romantic threads in the series.

These novel’s were the author’s first works and dearest to her heart.  The series is still in progress, with a volume on the works which  goes back to immediately after the pandemic and  tells the story of Daniel’s Fork’s beginning.