Fire Dance


A Daniel’s Fork Novel



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This series is not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to strong sexual content and scenes depicting violence.

Fire Dance is the second novel Zeecé Lugo wrote, and it is not a paranormal romance!

That’s right. This author’s first works were the Daniel’s Fork  novels (also called the Future Past series), Fire Dance and Hunter’s Snare.  This is a series still in progress, and it falls into the genre of post-apocalyptic science fiction. Fire Dance is a rare genre, a post-apocalyptic romance!

The series is set decades after the earth is depopulated by a devastating pandemic. Following the fashion of the Dragons of Pern (with no dragons, of course,) the surviving humans have evolved a culture similar to that of our own colonial times. Humanity has begun again, and it thrives in the wildlands of North America. 

In Fire Dance, you will meet dashing Victor Strongheart, lord of the territory and village of Daniel’s Fork. He travels far from home to meet the  chief’s daughter he is pledged to marry but has never met. The marriage is part of a covenant between his people and hers. Of course, things seldom go as expected in love and war. 

Want to meet characters you’ll love? Want to be swept away into a world that is new, fresh, full of possibilities? Come, experience Earth reborn and the strong alpha males and passionate women who inhabit it,  a place where lovers gaze at the stars, dance under the full moon, and love with unbridled passion!

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