A Raven for a Crow


Vampires in the Mist- Book 3



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This series is not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to strong sexual content and scenes depicting violence.

A Raven for a Crow is the 3rd volume of Vampires in the Mist, a paranormal urban fantasy novella series by Zeecé Lugo. This series is not for younger readers. It has explicit content meant for adult readers only.

Rose is now the prisoner of the mad vampire Savilla. Surrounded by creatures who will use, desire, hunger for, and destroy her, she is forced to come to terms with her situation. She realizes her protectors will eventually find her, but it may be too late for her.

She must now exert every ounce of strength, cunning, wisdom, and every survival trick at her disposal in order to outsmart and destroy the mad vampire. Not only does her life depend on her ability to manipulate the evil monster, but the future of an entire coven and the lives of its companions of the blood hangs in the balance.