Transferring Books to Apple Devices


Books purchased outside the Apple Store can be loaded and read across all your Apple devices. Make sure the settings are the same on each device you own:  iPhone, iPad, MAC, etc.


For example: Your iPad

   Go to “Settings”

   Click on your account (Top left, where your name shows)

   Scroll down to “iCloud”

   Turn On “iCloud Drive”

   Turn On “Books”

Now, Slide back to “Settings”

   Scroll Down to “Books”

   Turn On “Purchases from Other Devices”

   Turn On  “Automatic Downloads”

   Turn On “Reading Now”

   Turn On “iCloud Drive”


Note: The above changes allow any book you buy or download from an outside site to be shared because they will synced over the iCloud.


Now, You are ready to load your book.

  1. Buy the book in Epub format and download the file to your device: it can be your iPhone or iPad or Mac.
  2. On the device you used, go to “Files” (blue file folder) and click on “Downloads”

Your book file will be there.

  1. Press on the book file. A menu will pop up. Select “Share.”
  2. Click on “Books.” Your purchased book will now show up in your book library and be available on all your devices.

Note: If you can’t find the “Files” icon, then select “iCloud.” Share the file to “Books” the same way as shown above.