Blood and Magic


Vampires in the Mist- Book 4



The following links are for the Free download of Chapter 1 of Blood and Magic.


This series is not suitable for younger readers or adults who object to strong sexual content and scenes depicting violence.

Blood and Magic is the 4th volume of Vampires in the Mist, a paranormal urban fantasy series by Zeecé Lugo. This novella series is not suitable for younger readers. It contains explicit material meant for adult readers only.

If you have not read any of the previous volumes,  now is the perfect time to pick up your copies and lose yourself in the adventures of Rose from Miami, as she navigates peril and romance as a reluctant companion of the blood!

Rose survived her captivity in the castle of the mad monk Savilla, and is now safely ensconced under the protective hand of the Sisterhood, a mysterious cadre of witches dedicated to the training and mentoring of gifted women.

She makes new friends as she embarks on a journey of learning she never before imagined possible. But soon after she arrives, strange visions of a cloaked male begin to haunt her. Her peace of mind and heart are shattered when he claims to be her true father, a powerful warlock who claims to be  protecting her from her vampire coven.

Now, Rose must face shattering truths that will destroy and redefine her sense of identity, for the male may be who he claims to be, or he may be evil incarnate, bent on dragging her very soul to the brink of destruction.