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Focus on Rose and the Vampires!




Warning: This novel is not suitable for younger readers or adult readers who object to strong sexual content, content depicting violence or taboo topics.

This novel was originally published as volumes 1-3 of the novella series Vampires in the Mist. Vol 1 was titled Once Chosen, Vol 2 was Veil of Mist, and Vol 3 was A Raven for A Crow.

These were re-edited into one full-length, stand-alone novel titled Rose and the Vampires. It is now on pre-order at online sellers with a release date of Sept. 18th. Here, you can get it now!

Vampires have been a major draw to my imagination since as a young girl, I first shivered to the somber, terrifying tones of the black and white, grainy images of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula. 

Of course, these were a far cry from our modern versions of the perennial vamp tales.  Who can forget the great popularity of the Twilight series went it first came out? I read the entire series over three times in one year. 

When I first set out to write a vampire series, it was with the intent that my stories would be  adult reading. I am not a lover of Young Adult genre and did not wish my stories to echo the Twilight series or the works of other Young Adult authors.

Rose and the Vampires is not YA reading. Young, trendy Rose is seduced by vampires at a posh party and stolen to their private island in the Caribbean. She learns that her rare and powerful blood makes her a highly prized vampire commodity. She is to join the Sisterhood, an elite, mysterious group of gifted females who are blood-bonded to and serve the vampires as companions through the ages.

Faced with the daunting duality of her captors, both their terrifying savagery and their intensely erotic powers of seduction, Rose chooses to survive at any cost. From her three assigned guardians/lovers, she learns that she may not just survive, but also gain great power in this new world of intrigue and seduction.


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