Focus on Hunter’s Snare




I have always loved speculative fiction. Naturally, I was driven to write at least one series in the speculative fiction genre. Hunter’s Snare  was the first novel I wrote. It was originally titled Daniel’s Fork. This novel and its series are speculative fiction. This is a type of science fiction which is set on planet Earth and deals with storylines which are possible. It can be set in the present, future, or past. Usual “what if” scenarios can be considered speculative fiction. 

In writing this novel, I was led by simple inspiration, not really aware of the importance genre plays in reader loyalty. It’s a simple mystery set in a speculative future. It is, however, more than a mystery, with its strong romantic theme and erotic passages.  

When I first set out to write, I was “pantsing” it. I have since learned to outline my stories, knowing well before writing my first paragraph where the story will lead. But ten years ago, I worked by the seat of my pants. I began the story with a simple idea. I allowed the characters to follow their own way, as I followed in their wake. The result still remains, in my opinion, my best work to date.

I believe my writing, while it is fiction, cannot be white-washed or pale work. Good writing is not tepid. It draws from the human condition, both the good and the bad, to deliver an emotionally moving and memorable experience. Characters must be flawed as all humans are flawed, but they must also be compelling, strong, and eager to embrace and love life in all its spectrum of good and evil.

My stories have themes and content which may disturb some readers. I do not shy away from scenes depicting explicit sexuality, violence (rape or torture), or taboo topics. Some reviewers call these topics “triggers” and see them as negatives. However, my focus is on story telling, characterization, and giving my reader a great reading “ride.” Romance, humor, and suspense are the spice of my work, and I hope you love reading it as much as I love writing it.

I encourage you to browse and download excerpts. You may buy my books here or at any online seller of your choice. Some are also available at BookSirens for review. Enjoy!


Focus on Angel’s Guardian 




Warning: This novel is not suitable for younger readers or adult readers who object to strong sexual content, content depicting violence, or taboo topics.


ROMANCE, SUSPENSE, ACTION, HUMOR, & EROTICISM are all packed into a FAST-PACED READ that will leave you hungry for more!  

Maxim: I am a vampire, a monster some might say. I have no friends, no connections, and I want none. New York City is my home. I prowl its heights hunting for murderers, drug dealers, and rapists, my prey of choice. I live for the thrill, the kill, and the blood. No mercy, that’s me. 

Angelica: After years on the run, my enemies finally found me. My blood pools dark and rich as I lie dying on a cold, dark alley. My one fear now is for the secret I hid just moments before I was caught. A secret I must protect with my dying breath not only from my enemies, but from the monster that butchered them and now turns hungry, fiery eyes upon me.




Focus on Rose and the Witches!




Warning: This novel is not suitable for younger readers or adult readers who object to strong sexual content, content depicting violence, or taboo topics.

This novel was originally published as volumes 4-6 of the novella series Vampires in the Mist. Vol 4 was titled Blood and Magic, Vol 5 was Bloodstone, and Vol 6 was Roses and Thorns.

These were re-edited into one full-length, stand-alone novel titled Rose and the WitchesIt is now available here and at online sellers.

Rose and the Witches is not YA reading or a paranormal romance. It’s a paranormal romantic urban fantasy written for adult readers. It has strong sexual content, scenes of violence, and may portray lifestyles which some adult readers may find offensive.


Rose survived her sojourn at the castle of the mad monk Savilla. She is freshly recovered from her almost fatal adventure and finally arrives at the Sisterhood’s convent. She is surprised to find a nurturing environment full of talented and welcoming sisters bent on her comfort and safety. A magically protected compound, the nunnery is a place where males may not enter and women wield knowledge and power. 

Within hours of her arrival, Rose catches sight of a strange male, one who calls to her and has a strange power of attraction she cannot resist. In a place where no man can enter, he is invisible to all but Rose. Soon, her world is turned inside out as the strange male tells her a tale of lies and betrayals surrounding her own family, shattering every thing she’d been told about her birth.

Caught in a web of intrigue spun by the hands of the world’s most powerful and evil warlock, Rose faces a fate worse than death in a magical prison she cannot escape!



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