Today: Focus on Rose from Miami!

Vampires in the Mist Series.




Welcome to the crazy world of Rose from Miami!

Vampires, vampires, vampires! They have been a major draw to my imagination since as a young girl I first shivered to the somber, terrifying tones of the black and white, grainy images of Bela Lugosi’s Dracula. 

Of course, these were a far cry from our modern versions of the perennial vamp tales.  Who can forget the great popularity of the Twilight series went it first came out? I read the entire series over three times in one year. 

When I first set out to write a vampire series, it was with the intent that my stories would be  adult reading. I am not a lover of Young Adult reading and did not wish my stories to echo the Twilight series or the works of other Young Adult works.

My first paranormal series was  Angel’s Guardian. The first chapter was dark and disturbing, on purpose. I wanted the reader to understand early on the adult nature of the story although it was indisputably a romantic theme.

Vampires in the Mist is also a thoroughly adult world. The protagonist, Rose, starts out as an unworldly, twenty-six-year-old girl from Miami who has been sheltered and kept inept by her over-protective, deeply Catholic parents.  Plunged into a paranormal world she never imagined, she must quickly evolve or die. 

The first volume, Once Chosen, is primarily a vehicle for introducing the series and exposing the initial character of our heroine. With each succeeding volume, the situations become more dire, and the true story of Rose’s background develops.  

It eventually becomes clear that Rose was never what she initially believed herself to be, and her future will be turbulent, full of danger, adventure, and surprises! By the way, the series begins with vampires, but each volume introduces a whole universe full of paranormal creatures. 

These novellas are not suitable for younger readers or those who object to content which depicts sexual or violent situations. There are taboo topics as well as explicit sexual content. 


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